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Free Machine Embroidery Designs

Sometimes people who have a web presence give away something for free (really!) to attract you to their site. Please remember that the owners of these sights are professional and are here for a reason. Please look around these sights. You may find something you like. Some sites give away free designs, no questions asked. Some want your e-mail address, and others want you to register an account.

You need to know that most of these sites want you to register for an account to get the free designs. What this means is they will be sending you e-mails with offers and discounts for their other designs they want you to buy….which isn’t all bad. You may think about creating a new e-mail account just for this purpose so your regular e-mail doesn’t get bombarded and you miss an important message from a family member or friend.

Be sure to look around on each of these sites because there is surly something to be found for everyone who enjoys machine embroidery. And, buying from these sites supports the work they do to give away freebies.

Thank you for visiting

(Oh My Crafty Supplies) – one of my personal favorites. A new Freebie everyday and so cute!

(Embroidery Online) Part of OESD ​

(Embroidery Designs) Three free per week, and more with purchase.

(Designs By Sick) Hourly and Daily Free Designs

(Bunny Cup) Free single designs and sets

(Sweet Pea Designs on Facebook – Join the group and open the “files” on the left side of the page

(Artistic Threadworks) Join the mailing list for their Saturday Newsletter and a freebie from Holly.

(Penguin Embroidery) Sign up to receive daily emails with a freebie link

(ABC Machine Embroidery Designs) Note, they have two places for freebies

(ABC Machine Embroidery Designs) Note, they have two places for freebies

(A Creative Medley) Only one freebie on the site, but has many more if you join her Facebook Group HERE

(AKA Applique) Need to join the Facebook Group to get access to any freebies she offers. Her website is HERE and she has some really cute designs.

(Cute Embroidery Designs) Daily design for free with a chance to vote on tomorrow’s freebie

(Ann the Gran) Three free designs per week – More with purchase

(The Applique Circle) You have to sign up for a silver account and for free you get access to around 4 designs. Gold account access gets you more designs for $8.00 per month.

(Applique Market) Free designs are mixed in with dollar designs

(Baby Kays Appliques) – Free daily design when you join their Facebook group.

(Embroidery Weekly) Enter your name and e-mail on the left side of the page and get a message with a free design each week

(Graceful Embroidery) Most of their freebies are parts of other designs and meant to be a sample of the work. It is still a nice place to find bits and pieces.

(Charming Station Embroidery) You can also get more freebies by joining their Yahoo Group HERE

(Designs Sew Fine) This one you’re going to have to work for. She give a list of design sets that have a free sampler included in the set. You have to go to her list of designs and look up each on individually to find the freebies.

(DigiStitches) Lots to choose from on this site.

(Elizabeth's Embroideries) Really cute cutwork pillowcase design and tutorial for free. There are other freebies but you have to look around to find them.

(Embroidery Arts) Offers a free letter of the month when signing up using your e-mail address.

(Embroidery Boutique) Really cute designs

(Embroidery Designs by Carolyn) This site has three categories for freebies. The following two links are the other two: The first one: HERE and the second one HERE.

(Embroidery Weekly) They have a freebies section, but you need to subscribe to their newsletter, join their Facebook Page and join their Yahoo Group. Links to do this are on this website.

(Five Star Fonts Embroidery) They also offer free designs on their Facebook page HERE.

(Fun Lots to choose from here

(Grand Slam Designs) Three free per week, plus more if you sign up with your e-mail. They also have Embroidery Supplies.

(Laura’s Sewing Studio) Must sign up for e-mails and/or her Facebook group to get freebies. Link takes you to the page to do this.

(Lynnie Pinnie Embroidery) More free designs when signing up for her newsletter and joining her Facebook fan page HERE.

(Embroidery Billboard) Must join to access the free designs.

(Mama MC Designs) You need to join her Facebook group to find the free files HERE

(Embroidery Design Studio) These look very much like the same freebies at Embroidery Online.

(Needle Little Embroidery Deigns) Get their freebies on their Facebook page: HERE and click on file from the left side panel.

(Royal Present Embroidery) You can click on the designs and find more freebies.

(Sew Swell Designs) Must sign up for newsletter to gain access to the freebies.

(Sew Teri-fic Designs) Three pages of freebies, plus freebies offered in some of their collections…you just have to browse around to find them.

(Urban Thread) They have some helpful tutorials here also.

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